Women in line style. Graphic artist, graphic illustrator feminine style. illustration of a woman in a simple line style


illustration of a woman in a simple line style. This line illustration exemplifies a stylish and creative approach, specifically designed for a fashion client. The graphic illustration follows the design brief and the design restrictions that were in place. This stylish design showcases quality illustration with its clean lines and subtle flare.


The objective of this illustration is to provide a visually appealing and subtle representation of a woman, tailored for graphic art purposes. It aims to capture the essence of fashion and style through its artistic depiction.


The illustration style utilises elegant curves and varying line thicknesses to create a sense of shape and form. The lines flow smoothly, giving the illustration a light and organic appearance. This style emphasises simplicity while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design. The illustration was created using Adobe illustrator and inspired by fashion photography more than fashion illustration.


The chosen illustration style aligns well with the fashion industry, where it is highly regarded for its clean and minimalistic aesthetic. The simplicity of the lines allows the viewer to focus on the overall composition and the inherent beauty of the subject.

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