editorial illustration illustration of alternative energy


This illustration of alternative energy served as the cover artwork for a global energy technology magazine. It features graphical elements that are associated with alternative energy supply, aiming to represent various energy sources in an equal and balanced manner.


The concept behind the cover story was to examine the current state and future of energy supply technology worldwide.


The desired approach for the cover illustration was bright and non-technical, with a soft and generic content that would appeal to a wide audience. The chosen style for the illustration was a paper-cut style, which proved to be the perfect fit for the cover story. The composition of the illustration needed to be forgiving, allowing each type of energy to have equal dominance within the scene and avoiding any bias towards a particular method. The graphic illustration was created using Adobe illustrator.


The illustration style holds significant graphical value, requiring clever use of colours and tones to maintain a fair balance among the different energy sources depicted.

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