artist impression of a building Architectural visual illustration of an Artist impression for a sports centre


This illustration of an Artist impression for a sports centre, was commissioned for a new table tennis centre in Scottland. You can see a typical street scene with people walking and cars parking. Some additional designed landscaping and graphic designed signage.


The client’s vision was to transform an old derelict property into a modern sports facility, complete with parking and a reception area. The architectural styling of another property across the road served as inspiration for the design.


The illustration process involved using SketchUp to construct the 3D model of the building. A third-party rendering plugin called Podium was then utilised to create the final render. The rendered image was imported into Adobe Photoshop for further adjustments, including cleaning up the image and fine-tuning the lighting and colour balance. This illustration was drawn using SketchUp and complete using Adobe Photoshop.


It’s worth noting that this artist impression was part of a series of commissions, with a previous project involving a more open-ended brief for architectural design. You can view that project here to see the range of styles and concepts explored.

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