Green Roof construction Exploded view technical illustration showing parts used to construct a green area. Technical illustration.


The exploded view illustration showcases various layers of geotextile products specifically designed for drainage in green roof installations. This cross-section or cutaway illustration provides a clear understanding of the functionality by visually presenting the separate components. Each layer is displayed in the correct order of assembly, emphasizing their importance in achieving optimal performance.


The concept behind the illustration was to educate viewers about the individual parts of the geotextile system while demonstrating how they should be assembled. This aids in comprehension and ensures that viewers understand the proper installation process.


Consistent with previous compositions that have become part of the brand identity, the illustration features a cutaway and exploded view placed on a cube-like shape against a white background. Subtle shading is applied to add depth, and easily distinguishable colours or tones are used to facilitate viewer understanding.


This illustration was originally created for a blue roof design, showcasing similar products in the same stylistic layout. The render was produced using SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop.

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