assembly instructions illustration of assembly instructions for a mobility chair


This illustration of assembly instructions for a mobility chair illustrate the assembly process for a compact mobility chair designed to assist individuals with limited mobility. Using simple numbered steps and the use of arrows to help give clear step by step instructions for the graphic drawings.


The purpose of these graphic illustrations is to provide clear, step-by-step instructions on how to assemble and disassemble the mobility chair. As the chair is sold globally, the instructions needed to be multilingual to ensure their effectiveness.


The instruction graphics are designed in a sequential manner, guiding users through each step of the assembly process. To enhance clarity, the drawings are numbered and correspond to specific parts on the chair itself. Additionally, the reverse side of the instructions includes technical drawings for disassembly. The illustration were designed using SketchUp and Adobe illustrator.


The development of the instruction illustrations for this complex mobility chair involved close collaboration with the designers, resulting in highly effective and user-friendly instructions.

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