illustration of cartoon character for Wheelie Bin


In this illustration of cartoon character for Wheelie Bin, a lighthearted cartoon illustration, and cheerful wheelie bin is depicted enjoying a refreshing cocktail and leisurely lounging in a deckchair under the warm sunshine. Wearing sunglasses and chilling in the sun shine.


The client sought a humorous drawing that would relate to wheelie bin collections and signify an upcoming temporary break in the service. The intention was to inject some levity into the messaging.


The illustration adopts a playful cartoon style, incorporating bold line work and vibrant colours to bring the scene to life. The colour palette was carefully selected to enhance the overall appeal of the drawing and create a visually engaging piece. Produced using Adobe illustrator.


Character design and illustration have a remarkable ability to infuse humour into even the most serious messages. This particular illustration serves as a prime example of how a light-hearted approach can effectively communicate a playful concept.

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