2d floorpans illustration of floor plans


A series of simple yet meticulously crafted black and white line technical illustration of floor plans. These floor plans were specially created to grace the pages of an international artist, offering readers a glimpse into the spatial arrangement and design of this historic estate.


The primary objective of these floor plans is to visually depict the layout of Tittenhurst Park, contributing to the comprehensive narrative presented in the book. By providing an accurate representation of the spatial organisation, the floor plans allow readers to immerse themselves in the environment and better understand the interplay of rooms, corridors, and overall architectural composition.


Embracing a traditional floor plan style, these illustrations boast a refined simplicity, characterised by black lines and distinct gaps to indicate doorways. In their creation, numerous original plans and photographs were consulted to ensure the utmost accuracy and faithfulness to the estate’s actual design. The illustration was drawn using Adobe illustrator.


This particular floor plan illustration, along with several others, was meticulously crafted as part of the book’s visual content. Each plan offers a unique perspective and contributes to a deeper appreciation of the architectural significance.

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