Instruction illustration for medical illustration, graphic illustrator. illustration Of How To Drawings For Medical Use


This illustration Of How To Drawings For Medical Use showcases the proper fitting of equipment to a hospital bed, specifically for a pneumatic mattress manufactured in the UK. With clear instructions using red arrows to explain the movement action. This graphic illustration is perfect for instruction manuals like user instructions or operator handbooks.


The main objective of this illustration is to provide clear and concise instructions for the user manuals of the pneumatic mattress. The illustration aims to guide healthcare professionals on the correct setup and attachment of the equipment to ensure optimal functionality and safety.


The style of the illustration follows a branded design developed in collaboration with the client. It features clean lines, limited shading, and a focus on using colours strategically to create strong contrasts and highlight important elements. Given that the product is distributed globally, symbols and graphics were chosen carefully to ensure universal understanding across different languages and cultural contexts. This illustration was created with Adobe illustrator.


This instructional illustration is just one among many technical illustrations created for the user manuals of this particular customer. Additionally, there are other graphic illustrations commissioned for the same client. If you’d like to explore more examples of our work, please visit here.

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