product image for catalogue illustration of Motorcycle mudguard


This sales illustration of Motorcycle mudguard was specifically created for a plastics company’s online and offline catalogue. Showing the mudguard in a detailed illustration helps identify the product in situation.


The purpose of these images was to accompany the product listings, providing visual representation of each product. Given the urgency and the large number of products (over 30) requiring illustration, a strategic approach was needed.


The suggested solution was to create key-line images with the product shaded in a stronger tone, allowing for easy identification of each product. This style proved to be effective, as it offers simplicity and versatility, seamlessly blending with various design styles due to its white background. The use of heavy weighted lines on the product itself, along with a thinner key-line for the remaining parts, helps draw attention and highlight the product. The illustrations are created using Adobe illustrator.


This particular style of graphic illustration is highly advantageous for graphic designers. By saving the illustrations as PNG files, they have transparent backgrounds, enabling them to fit seamlessly onto different coloured backgrounds and images, providing greater flexibility in design implementation.

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