Office Communication Graphic illustration


This graphic illustration with pastel colours and flat colour style was commissioned to help promote an Workplace office design company. Workplace office design service was commissioned from a client in Leicester UK.


The idea was to illustrate a generic looking work environment. Showing people working in offices and other locations typical in a company. But they also wanted to promote their bespoke layout design.


A clean flat colour style is in style, and suitable. Because it needed to show a bespoke theme, I decided to illustrate the illustration in isometric, to give it a drag n drop feel. The stepping stones connecting each work space, gave a temporary and flexible vibe. The style is simple and clean, which is ideal for what is a complicated illustration. A shadow to the platforms gave some weight to the illustration, but shadows in the illustration would have made it heavy and added more complexity to a time style.


Originally another version with coloured platforms was drawn, but I think the slightly off white platform works better.

This style of illustration is popular (2023) and can be seen in many established social media sites, like Linkedin, and corporate websites too.

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