illustration showing a plan of a town centre street plan for safety routes over head plan graphic


This Graphic illustration showing a plan of a town centre, showcases an aerial view of buildings and access points, created to enhance a report’s visual presentation. 3d perspective gives a rich depth to the illustration. Helping the user to understand the physical dynamics of the aerial plan.


The aim of this pictorial image is to provide a clear visual representation in support of the report’s content. It offers a comprehensive overview of the area, emphasising the buildings and access points.


The illustration adopts a simple and minimalist approach, utilising muted colours and subtle shading to maintain a clean and professional aesthetic. To enhance clarity and highlight important elements, vibrant coloured arrows are strategically incorporated, serving as visual cues and supporting the accompanying text. The 3d map was processed using SketchUp.


This stylised illustration was specifically designed to complement a strategy report focusing on shopping centres. It serves as an effective visual aid to enhance understanding and engagement with the report’s information.

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