Technical illustration showing graphical illustration of construction. illustration showing a Technical illustration of a work bench


illustration showing a Technical illustration of a work bench is specifically designed to serve as assembly instructions. In a simple line style with some subtle shading to help give form to the drawing.


The primary objective of this technical  illustration is to provide clear and concise instructions on how to assemble the workbench. It aims to educate users by visually guiding them through the assembly process step by step.


The illustration is created in a traditional technical illustration style, characterised by the use of black lines to define the various components of the workbench.

However, the worktop of the bench is depicted with transparency, allowing users to see the underlying structure. Additionally, the illustration incorporates shading techniques to add depth and dimension, elevating its visual appeal beyond a standard technical illustration.


The workbench illustration was created using SketchUp, a 3D modeling software that allows for precise and accurate representations. By employing this tool, the illustration achieves a high level of detail and accuracy, ensuring that the assembly instructions are clear and easily understandable.

The technical illustration was illustrated using SketchUp and Adobe illustrator.

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