Artist impression of a building for a Table Tennis Club. Graphic artist architectural visual rendition.


This artist impression of a building is a visual representation of a building designed to promote planning and sponsorship for a new Table Tennis facility in Scotland. The purpose of this artistic rendering is to encourage investment and generate interest in the bespoke design of the building, which would be highly regarded within the table tennis community.


The concept behind the artist impression involved creating an overall vision of the building while incorporating generic landscaping that reflects the Scottish setting. As the specific location had not been determined at the time, the illustration avoids including identifiable features but aims to evoke a pleasant and clean aesthetic. The intention is to convey an optimistic feeling rather than to make a lasting impression through intricate details.


The artist impression was created using SketchUp, allowing for flexibility in generating various artistic views for the client to consider. Different perspectives and compositions were explored until the desired visual representation was achieved. Once finalised, the rendering was completed and post-processing work was done using Adobe Photoshop to enhance the final result.


The client has expressed great satisfaction with the artist impression and has left a positive review of their journey working with the artist. You can view the review here.

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