Ghosted illustration of a car technical illustration, graphic illustration, complex drawing.


The realistic technical illustration features a ghosted view of a car, providing an internal perspective to showcase the placement of various sensors. The commission is intended for marketing purposes, specifically for large displays at trade shows and exhibitions both in the UK and internationally. The illustration requires an exceptionally high level of detail due to its prominent display size.


The concept behind the illustration is to highlight the company’s products by illustrating their integration into a generic car. It serves as a visual representation for show stands and general marketing purposes. Technical drawings of each sensor were provided as reference materials to ensure accurate depiction. Additionally, each sensor is accompanied by a technical image that complements the overall illustration.


The illustration adopts a ghosted style, presenting a semi-transparent view of the car’s panels to allow viewers to observe the sensors and their placement within the vehicle. The focus is on showcasing the products in their intended environment, providing a clear and detailed representation. Produced using SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop.


This illustration exemplifies a typical ghosted technical illustration, which is commonly employed to provide an internal view and highlight specific components or features. Its purpose is to serve as an informative and visually engaging tool for marketing and showcasing the company’s products.

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