technical illustration cutaway illustration exploded view. Cross section drawing. illustration showing exploded view of technical flooring


This illustration showing exploded view of technical flooring showcases the various layers of flooring materials used in a concrete floor. The technical illustration was created with the purpose of serving both as a reference in a technical manual and for marketing literature.


The concept behind this illustration was to provide a realistic representation of the product, highlighting the different layers applied to the concrete floor. The customer desired an accurate visual that would effectively showcase the flooring materials.


The styling of the illustration followed an exploded view composition, allowing viewers to see the layers in a clear and informative manner. Additionally, a cutaway feature was incorporated to provide even more detailed information about the materials used. Created using SketchUp and Adobe photoshop.


It’s important to note that this illustration was part of a series of 10 similar illustrations, each depicting different layers and materials employed in the flooring system.

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