site illustration illustration showing generic engineering locations for construction


This cross-sectional illustration showing generic engineering locations for construction showcases various engineering works related to the company’s policy booklet. It aims to create a visual representation of different construction areas that align with the subjects covered in the booklet.


The concept behind this illustration was to present a scene that highlights multiple areas of construction, each corresponding to specific topics discussed in the policy booklet. By visually depicting these areas, the illustration helps to reinforce the concepts and information presented in the booklet.


The illustration adopts a three-dimensional graphic style, providing detailed representations of the various construction elements. The style maintains a balance between simplicity and clarity, with a semi-cartoonish rendition that enhances the visual appeal. Created with SketchUp.


This specific illustration is part of a series created for a policy booklet and serves as a supportive visual aid for online learning materials. The group of illustrations collectively contributes to the overall understanding and engagement with the content.

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