folio image of illustration illustration Star jumps Exercise


illustration Star jumps Exercise, illustrated in line with limited colours. Utilising arrows and a ghosted effect to showcase the various positions of the exercise in a graphical style. Helping to communicate the instructions, and illustrate the motion.


The concept behind this graphic illustration Star jumps Exercise was to create a comprehensive collection of over a hundred exercises for a UK outdoor exercise equipment manufacturer. Each illustration was designed to complement a specific workout station and needed to convey the exercise instructions visually, without relying on written words. Furthermore, the illustrations were required to be multilingual to accommodate diverse audiences.


The styling of the illustrations followed a simple approach, providing enough detail to accurately depict the exercise while ensuring clarity. Arrows and ghosted lines were incorporated to guide the correct movements and assist in conveying the exercise technique effectively. The illustration were hand drawn and then traced over in Adobe illustrator.


It was essential for the client to showcase a wide range of body types and levels of physical ability through different characters in each illustration, promoting inclusivity and representing a diverse user base.

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