building technical illustration with cutaway illustration and cross sections illustration with a Haynes manual style theme for a building


Black and white line technical illustration with a Haynes manual style theme for a building. Showcasing a building, expertly illustrated to captivate the viewer. Delve into the intricacies of the structure as select areas are thoughtfully cutaway, revealing the hidden details within.


Designed specifically for marketing agency RBH’s annual event, this technical illustration serves as a visual centrepiece for their promotional book. Embracing the iconic Haynes manual theme, the illustration captures the essence of the company’s brand while highlighting the architectural beauty of the featured property.


Inspired by the renowned Haynes manual style, this illustration embodies the meticulous precision and clarity synonymous with technical illustrations. The process involved utilising 3D modeling software SketchUp to create a digital representation of the building, which was then refined and enhanced using Adobe Photoshop to achieve the desired aesthetic.


Please note that this technical illustration is a digital rendition, showcasing the power of modern tools in creating visually stunning artwork. If you’re interested in exploring a more traditional rendering in a similar style, then click here.

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