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The commission involved creating an artistic infographic to effectively communicate the challenges and processes involved in the development of a jet engine. The illustration with a Ted talk style storyboard sketch is the best way to describe this graphic illustration.


The main objective was to develop an infographic that would enhance communication and foster empathy among different departments involved in the development process. The goal was to educate and create a shared understanding of the challenges faced by each department, ultimately facilitating a smoother progression of production.


The chosen style for the infographic was simple and straightforward, with the primary focus being on delivering the key message. The illustrations and graphics were designed to engage the viewer and provide a visual interpretation of the information being conveyed.


A significant amount of time was dedicated to understanding and engaging in discussions with engineers and managers involved in the jet engine development process. This was crucial in accurately capturing the messages and experiences that needed to be communicated through the artwork.

The emphasis was on ensuring that the infographic effectively conveyed the challenges faced by different departments, fostering a better understanding among team members between different departments.

Creating the graphic illustration or scribe drawing with a pencil firstly, then re drawing the pencil sketches using Adobe illustrator.

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