Artist impression of a architectural illustration visual for planning and site development illustration with an elevated view Architectural artist impression


This artist impression illustration with an elevated view Architectural artist impression visual of sheltered housing, showcases an elevated view of a new property designed for sheltered housing. Artistically placed soft landscaping and shading to create a pleasing scene.


The purpose of the illustration was to promote the development and provide a visual representation of the architectural design. The artist had access to architectural plans and a building material schedule, which served as references for the illustration.


The styling of the illustration followed a semi-realistic approach. The artist utilised SketchUp, a 3D modeling software, to construct the digital model of the building. The model was then rendered using Podium to add lighting and textures. The final touches and refinements were completed in Adobe Photoshop, enhancing the overall appearance of the artist impression.


It’s important to note that this artist impression was part of a series of commissioned illustrations for the property development. The collection of artist impressions aimed to showcase different perspectives and aspects of the development.

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