Illustration Showing Building Materials in a Cutaway Style

Words and pictures by Adrian Cartwright

Roofing insulation cutaway technical graphic illustration. Cutaway illustration of a home roofing construction. Cross section. Illustration Showing Building Materials in a Cutaway Style


The technical illustration showing building materials in a cutaway style showcases various elements involved in the construction of a roof. It serves as an example of a similar graphic illustration commission for a German company, where the client requested a drawing showing the different construction elements in a standard and generic composition.


The main objective of the illustration is to provide a technical illustration with a clear visual representation of the components involved in roof construction. By graphically showcasing the various elements as a cutaway illustration, it helps viewers understand the different components and their arrangement within the roof structure.


The illustration adopts a cross section technical style, commonly used in technical illustrations and is often called a cutaway. In this case, the illustration was created using SketchUp software with the assistance of the Podium rendering tool. This combination allowed for the creation of a realistic and detailed representation of the different elements.


Utilising 3D modeling software, such as SketchUp, for technical illustrations provides several benefits. It enables efficient duplication and manipulation of elements, enhancing the overall flexibility and accuracy of the illustration. This approach proves to be an effective method for producing detailed and informative technical illustrations.

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