illustration of a screw in a Realistic illustration technical illustration style Screw


This is an illustration of a screw that is rendered in a realistic style. This particular illustration was part of many realistic looking illustrations for a UK manufacturer. The illustrations were commissioned via a graphic design company in the south of England. The customer required illustrations for their packaging. But also to use for promoting their new style of design.


The illustration needed to clearly display the key features of the  screw. It also had to be cleaner than photographs previously used to promote their screws. The illustrations also needed to work on multiple backgrounds and be detailed enough to scale up to a large format for trade shows and exhibitions.


Perspective is a key feature with this illustration that you might have possibly missed. This is a good thing, because it’s subtle but very effective. The field of view is very shallow. In fact it’s about 5° degrees, so nearly isometric. This allows the viewer too see a good side on view of the thread, but also an excellent view of the head and it’s interface.
Colour and their reflections in the illustration were also important, and needed to show the different materials each screw was made from.
Producing the drawing was done using a 3d modelling application and the finer details including colours were corrected in Adobe photoshop.


This illustration is part of an ongoing project with the art director and the manufacturer. I hope to develop more illustrations like this in the future… If you have a similar need for realistic illustrations, please get in touch. I have a lot of experience producing this sort of realistic illustration style, and as a realistic illustration artist, I’ll be delighted to help you. Give me a call or send an email.

You can also read more about the production of this illustration in a blog.

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