Stretch exercise illustration of a woman stretching her arms


This graphic illustration of a woman stretching her arms captures the the moment of stretch. The exercise illustration is clean and great for gym studio posters and instructions for exercise. It is specifically designed for cool-down post-exercise training or for mobility.


The concept behind this illustration was to create a visually appealing representation of a woman engaging in arm stretches. The illustration aims to convey the importance of stretching exercises for post-workout cool-down or enhancing mobility.


With a focus on marketing to adults, this illustration features a clean and modern graphical style. The emphasis is on portraying the woman’s movements and body positioning during the arm stretches, providing a clear visual guide for viewers. The illustration is drawn using Adobe illustrator, in a graphic style to fit in with graphic designed sports posters or instruction booklets.


This particular illustration is part of a larger set of graphic illustrations commissioned by an advertising agency based in Birmingham, UK.

The illustrations serve as valuable assets for their promotional campaigns and client projects.

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